Queen Victoria Scatter Cushion


  • Sized for a 50cm x 50cm inner
  • 100% quality print, on 100% cotton twill
  • Plain white background, coloured zip
  • Designed and made in SA


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The Queen, she knows her ways, she knows her worth, and thats how she takes charge where ever she goes. Silent by nature, mild at heart, she is aware of her place on this earth and so her beginnings and her endings will be world-renowned.

Queen Victoria, victorious in all she encounters, she knows that it is her strength that will lead her tribe into never-ever land, where milk and honey flows and love is abundant. She leads with love and not with war and peace she preaches to young, wise and old. Hail to all the Queens let love lead the way.


* Scatters printed using eco friendly pigments and conventional water based screen printing inks free of solvents.
* Pigment printing may have a limited lifespan depending on the wash care treatment.
* We recommend a separate cold gentle hand wash.
* Avoid strong detergents, no bleach, no hard spinning, no excessive rubbing, no hot or industrial wash.



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