Naledi Scatter Cushion


  • Sized for a 50cm x 50cm inner
  • 100% quality print, on 100% cotton twill
  • Plain white background, coloured zip
  • Designed and made in SA


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Just like shooting stars, Naledi is one that’s hard to find an ambitious girl, that makes waves and is not afraid to shine. She lives a lucid dream and is determined to be much better, much brighter then she was yesterday. More, More & More is what she seeks to find because you only live once (YOLO) that’s her mantra so if it means reaching for the stars, and making your dreams valid that’s what she is all about.
She is an advocate of dreams, never stop dreaming, never stop imagining, never stop believing, because although life is not always a fairytale, there is hope and a slight chance of lady luck coming your way and shifting your reality into one that you had never imagined. Naledi a star that shines bright much brighter then a diamond,
and she is what you need to  add some sparkle into your life.
She is the apple that everyone says has fallen far off from the tree, the square peg that is not trying to fit in a circle hole She is free to be who ever she wants to be,
do the things she wants to do, because no one can tell her story better then she.


* Scatters printed using eco friendly pigments and conventional water based screen printing inks free of solvents.
* Pigment printing may have a limited lifespan depending on the wash care treatment.
* We recommend a separate cold gentle hand wash.
* Avoid strong detergents, no bleach, no hard spinning, no excessive rubbing, no hot or industrial wash.



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