Neevrah Art & Décor is a contemporary South African collective store situated at Timberlake Village in the heart of the Garden Route🌿🇿🇦 The shop has a carefully curated collection of home décor items, art & stationary, accessories, bath & body, kitchenware, and gifts sourced from over 30 South African artisans and designers who do their best to be ethically driven and locally powered whilst never compromising the quality of their products. My shop is situated in the heart of the Garden Route and is surrounded by other small independent businesses in a stunning natural outdoor setting. Many of us have workshops and produce on site during the week and when I’m not busy doing admin, I’m usually in my back studio (alongside the main shop) producing all the artisanal resin platter boards, hand painted tiles and various other art pieces.

Quite a few people worldwide have referred to the lockdown period as an awakening and one of the major reasons I believe is because there has been a rise in conscious consumerism where more and more people want to know where their products are coming from and unlike mass produced commercial items, handmade items are produced in small batches and usually require at least a 3 – 6 week lead time. Each purchase is meaningful and has its own story to tell and when you shop local you’re building a relationship and a connection to the owner or the maker and many will go the extra mile to give you a unique experience by paying attention to details. You’re therefore more likely to repair a handcrafted item than replacing it, thus minimising your waste and not contributing to the throwaway culture. By supporting local craft industries, we are inspiring the artist/designer to develop their skills further and allowing them to re-invest back into their businesses and communities.

I’ve always had a love for handcrafted or locally designed products even whilst growing up in Tanzania then studying in Canada and now settled in South Africa, I’ve always been inspired by the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of a craftsman or a craftswoman. It gives you a sense of joy and pride when the label reads “Made in South Africa”. As the saying goes here in ZA, Local is Lekker!

Harveen Du Preez